Saturday, February 9, 2013


How wonderful is that, I got another gift from a yoga student this week! And they know what I like. After Cat's Cradle last week, this week's gift fuels my sewing passion (which is hibernating right now - the last sewed pieces were the matching pants for the girls for Christmas). Look at that:

A whole lotta thread!

My yoga student inherited these thread bobbins from her grandma, and as she doesn't know that many people that sew these days (her words), my generous yoga student thought of me. Thank you!

I know the sewing urge will come back with melting snow and rising temperatures, taking over the knitting needles. Good to be well equipped then. And I can also think of a thing or two to sew with the children in my craft class. Another thank you goes out to those, who equipped me with ideas for this new job of mine this week. Danke!

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