Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leftover Wurm

The first snowdrops have come out this week (a bit every year earlier than in 2011 and 2012). But it is still winter around here and you still need to wear a hat. That's a good thing. When I saw yarnharlot's Wurm Hat on her blog two weeks ago, I wanted to knit one, too (by the way, it's hilarious what she wrote about her first Wurm on February 10 2011).

The original Austrian pattern used Lana Grossa Cool Wool, and as I am on a kind of "yarn diet 2013" (just buy wool if you really, really need it for a project), I remembered that I have some of it in my stash. Leftovers from baby knits for friends (legwarmers, socks) and gifts from yoga students. As those knits and gifts were for and from people with other tastes, I wouldn't have chosen the colours of the yarn myself. But, you know, "yarn diet 2013" and stuff, I gave it a try instead of rushing to the next yarn shop.

Before I show the result, I have to tell you, that Clara has a game,

where you put different-coloured pieces together to form a worm.

The finished Wurm hat reminded me very much of the game.

Wurm in German translates as nothing else but worm in English.

I like the pattern (my Ravelry notes here), but I still don't like the colours. But maybe someone else does. The colours of the coming spring - green, red and sand.

Maybe somewhere out there needs a spring hat. So I am having a Wurm Giveaway today - if you would like win the Wurm, enter a comment. And it's not the early bird that catches the worm - comments close on Sunday, February 17. The hat is a bit on the large side, for a head circumference 57-59cm. Good luck!

PS: I rushed to the yarn shop again - I am knitting two more hats right now (really, really need them).


Anonymous said...

Der ist ja gar nicht pink!

Heidi said...

oh so eine schöne Mütze, sowas kann ich leider nicht stricken, hätte sie aber gerne!!!!
Lieben Gruß Heidi