Monday, December 3, 2012

Funny Thing

I still carry my now-one-year-old-baby in the sling now and then. When Carolina is tired and fuzzy. Or for a short hop outside the house to pick up Clara from school. Cold temperatures at the end of last week made me realize that I might have a good baby carrier coat and Carolina and I snuggle up to each other warmly, but there is still one small area of my body that gets cold. As Carolina is used to nursing while in the sling (always!), I need to wear open-collared shirts and dresses. A scarf doesn't cover it all and my chest area gets cold.

The solution came to me just in time - while browsing Elisabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Around. I totally enjoy reading her digressions-memoirs and looking at the photos from her life right now. And one pattern in the book puts an end to a mama's cold chest - the Dickey (my Ravelry notes here).

Cast on Thursday night after my Kundalini Yoga class I made nice progress over the weekend and could weave in the ends on Sunday evening - and put it to the cold test this morning.

Waaaaaaaaaaarm! A cool knitting pattern by EZ, knitted with the first wool I could grap that kind of matched the required gauge. And it dawned on me while knitting, that this is the third EZ pattern I knitted with this wool actually (also Baby Leggings and Baby Bonnet). It is neither my favourite colour nor yarn patterning and Clara said this morning that it looked "funny" on me. But hey, Dickey does his job to my full warmth. It's a Mama Bib!

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