Friday, November 30, 2012

Carolina has a new hat

I wanted a new hat for Carolina on her birthday table. She already has two in rotation, her knitted EZ baby bonnet (knitted here) and Butterflies. Rotation is the right word for it, because those hats don't stay long on her head, no matter how cold it is, Carolina just pulls them off. And I put the hat back on. And sometimes it stays on her head for a while.

For the new hat, as I was all busy with making her birthday book, I relied on other mamas' wonderful craftivity. At a handmade fair three weeks ago (blogged here) I saw some nice hats at a stall (or actually it was a table with a suitcase on it - it was a "suitcase fair"), by bootshauskind. We tried some on and didn't find a hat in Carolina's size - but I took the business card and later contacted Lena, the woman/mama behind bootshauskind.

A couple of days later and just in time for Carolina's 1st birthday, the new hat was personally delivered at our house by Lena (we live in the same quarter of Oldenburg, it seems). A cute reversible hat with little woodland creatures on one side, and red stars on pink fabric on the other.

It fits.

And Carolina loves to pull it off.

1 comment:

bootshauskind said...

Cute! Probably Carolina pulls it off to have a better view of the wood folk :-)
Cheers, Lena