Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry, Merry

I knitted myself another Dickey, my first Dickey is still good and warm, but with its colours a too funny match with my baby carrier coat. And I can not only use another Dickey, but they are also too much fun to knit.

Simple, but clever constructed, with enough happening while knitting to keep you entertained (ribbing, increases, decreases, turning corners, garter stitch grafting). And still all the while not too complicated, so you can knit them by-the-way going on with your everyday life or for winding down at night. You can find my Ravelry notes here.

There is just one flaw, yarn snobs beware! It is knitted from 100%  Poly acrylic (the yarn is called "Polly"). Oooh, aah, yes! Plastic! But the colour of the yarn just waved at me at the store. And there are also advantages - it is vegan, you can machine wash it easily and it only cost me three Euros (I still do prefer real wool, don't worry...).

So I put those two plastic friends together for a photo. 

But to come back to the original purpose why I knitted those Dickeys in the first place:

My neck and chest stay warm while I am doing my job.

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