Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plain Pink

And then the sun came out this afternoon... the perfect moment to hold my face into the warming rays and get a sunny shot of the tunic I sewed this week while masses of rain were pouring down (don't mention the wind).

Same pattern like last Saturday (see here), this tunic is just so much quick sewing fun, that I had to make another. And oh-so-comfortable.

I tried a new stitch on my Carina sewing machine again - this time an overlock stitch (it is stitch number 09, visible in this post), with a special presser foot.

As I am not having the patience right now to thread and adjust my serger, I thought I might also give it a go and see what this will look like while getting to know Miss Carina better and better (I'll spare you the embarrassing details of my shouting fit, when I pressed a wrong button, which resulted in a blocked machine with stuck thread and me, who eventually fixed the machine after two hours of surgery of Miss Carina's inner functions).

Was it worth it?

It looks OK, a more professional inside finish, but it caused the fabric to pucker - maybe jersey is not the first choice for this stitch (I guess, you could just use the good old zigzag stitch the pattern suggested, takes less time, less yarn and is just as durable). But hey, if I can get a chance sewing with KNITS while not actually knitting, how can I resist?


Anonymous said...

Love your tunic and your beautiful attitude!

Tanya Whelan

catcouch said...

Thank you, Tanya! For your great book and stopping by. And there are so many more wonderful projects in your book just waiting to be sewn.