Friday, October 5, 2012


Hubby took the girls and gave me two hours of sewing time on Wednesday - I really needed some sewing zen to stabilize my inner balance. I whipped up a bunch of baby bibs as gifts for the baby girls that have arrived recently or are soon-to-come. I am a fan of practical gifts, what baby needs ten rattles? And this bib is useful (and baby-stylish) and very Carolina-tested (it is my pattern here) for its usefulness.

Clara asked me, whether she could have the fabric scraps. With the help of scissors and glue she whipped up her own little gifts (for me exclusively), and came out of her room happily again and again, with new makings every time - a scarf, a book, a flower and two little rolled gifts.

It really is true - the joy is in the giving (and in the making).

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