Friday, October 19, 2012

I Heart Summer

Summer is back for a three-day-stint in Germany!
A short goodbye to scarfs, sweaters and heating, and hello again to smooth temperatures, birds singing in the morning, warming rays, and air that smells ripe and delicious. What a difference a couple of temperatures make... they send me straight back to a summer project that I had already left behind.

I really enjoyed plant printing this summer (blogged here or here or here) and did my last print (for the time being) with our neighbour's ivy, that reminded me of little hearts.

Printing with ivy was not as I had expected, the leaves were thick and water-repellent and the resulting prints didn't really resemble hearts. So I just let it lie around in the studio, in the hope that the prints would age like wine and get better.

This morning I looked at the printed ivy again, the air from outside coming into studio just smelled and felt so good and suddenly the prints became my last summer souvenir. Sewing those two prints together and stuffing the pillow was a breeze.

One last round in the garden, then the ivy pillow can hibernate on the couch.

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