Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mallorca Pants

Carolina's pants for catching the sun, feeling the waves and picking flowers are ready.

This is the front.

This is the back, with the addition of a cute yoke. The turquoise fabric is baby corduroy and the yellow is vintage cotton.

They are the Quick Change Trousers from Anna Maria Horner's Handmade Beginnings, and they have been on my inner sewing list since I got the book (which is before I was even pregnant with Carolina). The pants came together quite smoothly over the course of three days, whenever I had some sewing time to spare (or just TOOK it). Carolina even played in the studio at some stages of the sewing process - which must have been an incentive for her, because she took her three first little steps in a row, when she tried to reach the bookshelf (which book did she pick? - Yoga for children).

So chances are high, that Carolina will make a couple more steps in her Mallorca Pants - we will take them on vacation with us and I hope to come back with beautiful photos of Carolina wearing them against the beautiful backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean island.

Good for reducing luggage - the pants are reversible. What a star!


Ramona said...

kannst du das buch empfehlen? ich will auch schon ewiglich die hosen daraus nähen...

catcouch said...

Das Buch ist sehr schön aufgemacht (tolle Stoffe), aber ehrlich gesagt, schaue ich mir die anderen Projekte eher an als sie zu nähen. Aber allein wegen der Hosen lohnt es sich - und sie sind wirklich einfach zu nähen.

Ramona said...

ja genau, wegen der Hosen hätte ich mich auch dafür interessiert. vielleicht kann ich mir das ja mal irgendwo leihen.