Friday, September 21, 2012

Start of the Knitting Season

What is it in the air in late September that makes you buy yarn specials at discount stores (did that), buy knitting specials in women's magazines (you don't usually read) because of knitting specials (did that too) and rush to your knitting needles? Yes, it must be the beginning of the cooler/cold season, the nesting and my desire to keep my babies warm and cozy. Last year in September with Carolina baby in my belly, I started the September Blanket from the same desire. This fall, Carolina got something to warm her own cute little belly.

A vest - the pattern is Milo, I actually downloaded the pattern from Ravelry last October (see, the-fall-keeping-warm- desire again). It is a stash buster project, with yarn leftovers from Carolina's Flagstaff Jacket and Hubby's birthday boobie pillow. It knits up really fast, and after I had to frog my first try of the vest (too short and too wide), I was clear how I wanted it to look like the second time around.

The second time I went for the 12-months-version instead of the 18-months-one (Carolina is not even 10 months old - but I wanted something to last for a while). I only had this limited amount of wool - and it just worked out! Just enough wool for even pink stripes and a red yoke and ribbing.

My Ravelry notes here.

And it even makes quite a nice twin-set with the Flagstaff Jacket that is in daily use right now.

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