Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mama Yoga Tunic

The promised photos, taken in the evening by Hubby, after a long Saturday. After rising unusually early with baby Carolina and a lot of cleaning and cooking and baking and cleaning and cooking again. You know, what Saturdays can be like - before you can exhale on Sunday.

My sewing project this week - my dramatic pink mood elevator in-between all the rainy days.

It is the Everyday Knit Tunic from Sew What You Love (I already made the Big Easy Sling Bag from it, blogged here). And this time the project was not only simple or easy, it even said supereasy in the book. True. Cut out the same two pieces for front and back, sew the seams and finish the raw edges of the neckline, sleeves and hem by folding in and zigzaging. To increase the learning effect I tried a new stitch on my wonderful machine (this here), instead of a zigzag stitch for the seams to keep the fabric stretchable, I tried a special jersey stitch - it looks like some small zigzag gone lightning.

Does the job. Does take more time than regular zigzag.

It is as flattering, comfortable and versatile as promised by the author. This might become my go-to pattern for a couple of more tunicas. I can wear them with jeans in my mama life (the neckline is wide enough for breastfeeding too, I am not making the same mistake again like with the Kimo-yes), comfy and still kinda stylish, and I can also couple them with yoga pants in the evening for teaching my classes.

It stretches and so do I.

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