Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Bib Bunting

When we (Carolina and me) wake up in the morning and go into the living room, this colourful bunting already awaits us.

It is not actually a real bunting - it is Carolina's bibs lined up on the heating to dry over night. And we really need them. Carolina seems to have a little drool fabric inside of her lately.

So this week I have been practicing the art of sewing the perfect baby drool bib. I tried different sizes (you could think it's just a triangle, but there's more to consider like drool length, how you intend to fasten it and mere baby fashion rules), fabrics (knits, fleece and terrycloth) with single layers hemmed, combinations of them (double layers turned over), different way of fasteners (knots, snaps - I even bought pliers).

My conclusion: the best drool bib for Carolina right now is two-sided - jersey on top and fleece underneath, this way her chest stays warm and dry no matter what happens above. Snap fasteners are good, because knots tend to get to big with double layers.

The pattern looks like this:

Measurements before sewing: 40cm long, 19cm to the peak, 5cm at the sides.

And last but not least: On the model. Endurance test.

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