Monday, September 10, 2012

Kimo-No?, Kimo-Yes!

Last week I wrote, that I love sewing for the girls most. OK. That is not all true. I actually love sewing for myself just as well. To dig into a more demanding project that takes some time to sew. Often over a couple of weeks from idea, to finding fabric, cutting it out and finally get going on the sewing machine.

This dress here was my summer project. I showed bits of the fabric in Mid-July (here) and used Carolina's afternoon naps in Rostock to figure out how to develop and trace the pattern. It comes from the awesome Japanese book I am cute Dresses (do all the books I sew from recently have "simple" in their title?). I did a version of the dress on the cover of the book, my dress is all linen, no lace. And similar to Japanese knitting instructions there are just a few words (7 short sentences as construction steps), but lots of very detailed and precise drawings and sketches from start to finish. I loved it! As I am not your average Japanese girl, I dropped the hemline by 10 cm / 4 inches. The dress is comfy and special.

Hubby liked it, too. And he got it all right. He said, it was cute (like the title of the book promised) and when I asked him "Which country?" he said "Japan."

There is just one drawback. I can't wear it right now. It is not breastfeeding-friendly. My dresses these days need a button-down front or a wide neckline. But just wait another couple of months... then I can sew all the other cute dresses in the book!

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