Monday, April 4, 2011


Knitted things do get finished, but at a slower pace recently. I don't knit as much as I did last year (nowhere near the 3-4 hours a day). For different reasons - I still have a job and a family, but I seem to be more occupied with blogging and cleaning. And I need more sleep. What took three weeks last year, takes three months this year. But still, things get done.

The last FO was cast on January 16, at the end of this post. The history of its origin is connected to the knitting community online. I got inspired by German master knitter from Hamburg tichiro. In one of her January posts she showed a couple of free Red Heart patterns here,
I instantly liked the Simple Spring Swing Cardigan - for its simplicity.

Also the purchase of the wool got inspired by tichiro here. The wool came actually first, in September 2010 (triggering my love for bargains).
50 % wool, 50 % alpaca. And then, after finishing the front and back,
I ran out of yarn for the sleeves and the buttonbands. I did my first wool swap with winwood via Ravelry. Thanks again!

And could finish.

I call it Tulip, inspired by the first tulip a week ago. Looks a bit housewifey, in my opinion, and I think my husband even mumbled something about Amish people... The wool is quite scratchy... So not a total success. But still, off the needles. Ravelry notes here. And with all the unusual red I really needed a little pink and purple in the picture...

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Looks gorgeous.