Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Hearts

Ever since I made this crochet heart last June as a gift and two little girls (Clara and her cousin) helped me eagerly with the stuffing of the heart, I promised my niece her own crochet heart for her birthday (ooh, this is a long sentence...). OK, whenever my little niece saw me knitting something she asked me: What are knitting? and When do I get my heart? Christmas came and went by, also her fourth birthday came and went by at the end of March, her little sister was born and I just couldn't get my fingers near the crochet hook. Things should be fun for me.

But then on Saturday night, the weather was right for cotton yarn, the mood was pre-festive, I was relaxed enough and the next day the big family egg search would take place. What about hiding a heart, too?

When Clara saw me crocheting the heart, she asked whether it was for her and to avoid any fights between the cousins I made another heart, crocheting past midnight, watching movies and documentaries on TV about nuns, popes and the life of Jesus Christ, family members falling asleep on both sides of me.

Ravelry notes here.

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Julie said...

Those are so cute!!