Friday, April 22, 2011

Guerilla Knitting Mystery Solved Extended Version

On Thursday night the mysterious guerilla knitter revealed herself to me - right before my eyes. I was on my way to my Thursday Night Kundalini Yoga class and en route two students joined me on their bikes. We stopped at a railway crossing gate as a train approached (during classes we hear trains come and go by every now and then and it really adds atmosphere to the class, seriously, it reminds me of the thoughts that come and go, the fleeting quality of things).

Standing there, chatting and waiting, one of my students went to the side and started twiddling with something at the gate. She asked us:
Do you know what guerilla knitting is?

My reaction: ????????§§§§§§§////%/%%%%%%(((()))))))))))))///%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is you??????????!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At Oldenburg Knit Night we have been asking ourselves for weeks who you are.

As she wants to stay undercover I can reveal only some facts:

- she is an artist, a stone sculptor

- having had an artist's block with her stone sculpting she went for the softer way

- she has had the idea of guerilla knitting for two years and started on March 8, the 100th International Women's Day

- she is not a university student, although she works part time there, all the graffiti at university seemed to send people on the wrong track about the identity and the intentions of the guerilla knitters, including myself

- it is not a group, but only her and a friend, which is remarkable, because they leave their traces in all parts of town

- it is a political statement in a public space

- it will go on

I could pick a flower from her guerilla knitting bag
(guerilla crochet this time).

Now a guerilla flower blooms in my garden.

And I was very happy when she said that Kundalini Yoga really kicked her creativity. Though it looks different then art it is kind of the same.

All I can say again - in my world knitting and yoga seem to be intertwined.

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Vera said...

Sometimes I wonder if you know everybody in Oldenburg...
Happy Easter!