Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hubby's Sweater

Started: 25 January 2013 (here)
Finished: 23 December 2013 (here)
Pattern: New Zealand Sweater 
(shaped after New Zealand's Rangitoto volcano)
by Elisabeth Zimmermann using her EPS
Ravelry notes here

I learned a lot while knitting this sweater. About the EPS (Elisabeth Percentage System) which I used for the first time for knitting a sweater (actually I have only knitted about one or two adult sweaters in my life...). About the fact that sweaters do "ride up" at the back and you can insert three short rows to avoid that effect. How to struggle with short row shaping at the yoke and win. That knitting a black sweater throughout most of November and December doesn't do much to lift your mood. About patience, as usual. With such a big sweater for such a tall man (15 balls of yarn). About learning to knit a nice underarm gusset like here:

And that you can measure and measure and swatch and swatch and count and count and your gauge will still be off. Yes, Hubby is a tall man, but he is not a big man (he thinks I have a fat image of him). So the sweater is huge, wide and long. Or you can also say cozy and roomy.

Hubby says he can wear it on weekends.

But let me tell you a miraculous side discovery:

It looks good on me!

 Still huge.

 But more like a comfy knitted dress.
Not for a single moment I visualized myself wearing it
while knitting.

It is so big that two people fit into it.
It's a couple sweater.
Love is about sharing.
Merry Christmas!


Anja said...

Ich mag die Fotos.
(Den Pullover auch.)
Gruß von Anja

catcouch said...

Danke, Anja! Das Fotografieren ist immer eine lustige 5-Minuten-Aktion. Liebe Grüße