Monday, December 2, 2013

Hot Needle

When you say in German, that "something was knitted with a hot needle", you mean that something was hastily cobbled together, be it a text, a law, or in my case -  how I sew lately. With only little sewing time (that I have to make time for by ignoring nearly everything and everyone around me) stitches need do come together fast.

I am a-dress-in-summer-and-a-tunic-and-leggings-in-winter-kind-of-gal. That's what works best for me and it makes transitioning between being a mama and a yoga teacher easy. While I have enough dresses in summer (really?), I found out recently (on my bike on the way to a yoga class) that I was short of tunics. In the search of comfortable and stylish patterns I discovered mamu-design online.

I ordered the pattern for tunic Carmen,  a multi-size paper pattern with basic sewing written instructions in German, English and Dutch.

"a feminine and romantic model, yet very comfortable..." it says on the website, it can be sewn with different neck openings, sleeve lenghts and front and back lengths.

I liked the variation with a shorter front ...

... and a longer back.

 More photos of this fun photo shooting with Hubby:

It was really a fassssssst and easy sew with a result I am proud of. When I wore it at Carolina's birthday party, my mother and a friend-in-sew even thought it was store-bought. The fabric is a pleasant lightweight knit. There is just one thing about the tunic:

Don't look at the stitches to closely - hot needle.

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