Friday, December 27, 2013

Handmade Christmas

Here comes a quick show of what was handmade this Christmas. As my crafty juices all flowed into Hubby's sweater (here), I relied on other people's craftiness. All coming from charity bazaars.

textile paintings for my mother

decoupage boxes for parents on both sides

 filled with handpicked wishes from Clara

a tray for my sister 
(who is actually more of a black-and-white-type)

cross-stitch postcards
(which I forgot to give away ...)

And then, when Hubby's sweater was finished one day before Christmas Eve, my now-empty hands fiddled with a little leftover hat for my father-in-law.

Ravelry notes here

Three Christmases ago my father-in-law asked for simple knitted hats, so short, that they stopped just above the ears.

I remembered the leftovers, took a crochet hook and whipped up a hat. The yarn was not quite enough, even for such a short hat, but I also had red leftovers from this and that.

I think he liked it, because my father-in-law wouldn't take the hat off through all of Christmas lunch and afternoon.

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