Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Apple Shirt, but wait...

It was going to be the "Apple Shirt", that other fraternal twin shirt (see the twins here). And it would be finished by the weekend, thus being the perfect outfit for our apple picking party at the neighbour's (see last year's party here). I called it internally the Apple Shirt... until I actually started talking about it to Carolina while sewing... Look at the apples!

Apples? What apples, long shaped ones? 
No these are actually pears.

Apples look like this:

Or like this:

Look at this apple picker girl.

 But you know what? 
You can eat an apple while wearing a "Non-Apple Shirt". 
No problem.

 And sometimes you are lucky. 

 There is one pear tree among all the apples.

 The Pear Shirt.

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