Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hat and Travel

My midnight crocheting this week lead to this fruit here:

Can you guess which fruit it is? I thought it was obvious, but got a lot of  "strawberry" and some clueless glances from my family for it. It reminds me of a watermelon, doesn't it? After my beanie production earlier this year (here) I came back to his quick and easy way to crochet a hat. The pattern in half double crochet is based on this here, with a couple of more rounds and a crochet ribbing, which I tried for the first time (you can find good video tutorials in English and German for it online).

The ideal companion for the cooler days, 
reminiscing the sweet taste of summer.

But I am more than happy to shed the warm coat, the scarf and even the watermelon hat for the days to come and go to an island where the watermelons are still in season and the sun is warm. 

Hope to see you when we are back!

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