Friday, October 25, 2013

Mallorca's crafts, old and new

Here come some more crafty discoveries I made while we were traveling around Mallorca.

Tilda dolls in a window in the coastal village of Deià -
according to Forbes Magazine one of Europe's Top 10 most idyllic places

Also charming - the historic inland town Artà:

Knitted pillow cover in front of a shop there:

Even more history was to be found on "La Granja":

A former country estate with a grand mansion turned into an open-air-museum. You can walk around the gardens and the mansion and see how life was lived in the old days with all kinds of workshops. e.g. basketery, wine pressing, spinning or wool dyeing. 

I'll spare you the pictures of the quite impressive chamber of torture in the cellars and only show you a harmless machine that manipulates thread.

You can see friendly staff in traditional dress doing traditional things.

The crafty person I am I had to take a closer look at the embroidery:

And you know what? It is made with a crochet hook technique I haven't seen before. And with a very tiny crochet hook, 0,65 mm. The lady has been working for four months now on the blanket during her shifts. Torture of fun?

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