Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pants Factory

... not so much blogging this week, but sewing week number 2.

I liked sewing with the klimperklein pants pattern (blogged here) so much, that I made Carolina three more pants. I tried different sizes, colour combinations and a leg cuff variation. Never would I have bought green or striped red-orange ribbing, but was persuaded to try something new and bold apart from pink and purple by the lady at the fabric store. Why not?

I also went down a size to 86 and tried elastic cuffs at the bottom.
Who made it?

(don't think that I am so vain - the labels are just a very good way to tell the back from the front side)

I am very glad that something that was so much fun to sew (getting faster with every pant) can warm my baby throughout the fall. The pants fit, are comfortable and stay up. Thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Sehr hübsch und praktisch! Молодец!

Lena said...

Wow, echt produktiv bist du! Und so farbenfrohe Ergebnisse.
Ich nähe zur Zeit die Hose "Frida" von Milchmonster. Das macht auch echt Spaß. Hab noch nicht geschafft das zu bloggen. Falls Du Lust hast, schau mal hier:
LG Lena