Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Little Pink Riding Hat

Yes, it is sewing week!

It is like a positive addiction, but most of you know it. And cooler temperatures usually trigger my hat-making-mechanisms. As I had some fabric leftovers from the Horse Shirt, this hat for Carolina was just the perfect little project for my increasing sewing disease (but actually it is not a dis-ease, it is a pleasure).

For some of you, the shape of this hat might seem familiar, it is the same pattern like Carolina's birthday hat, I just went a head size up. The German pattern is like the shirt also by klimperklein, again with excellent instructions. A breeze to sew.

The hat is reversible, 
but the pink inner hat will probably just be the lining.

After Carolina's afternoon nap, 
the hat was finished and we went grocery shopping.

And you know what? Just at the entrance of the supermarket we met Lena of bootshauskind who had made Carolina's birthday hat. I hadn't met her since the delivery of the hat last November. I could proudly show her my version of the hat and we chatted a bit about sewing and her new blog.

It's a small sewing world.

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Lena said...

It was lovely to meet you! And it is a small sewing world, indeed!
Cheers, Lena