Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to Craft Class

After being all botanical last week, the blogging will get crafty this week (is catcouch still knitting?...). It's been nearly four weeks now since school has started again for Clara. And as for me, with the school routine also teaching the children's afternoon craft class has returned.

There are some changes with the craft class. There is two of us teaching the class now, another mother I know from sewing school joined with fresh ideas. After crochet and sewing last semester, we have started knitting. We got knitting looms for the kids, they can make hats, scarfs and cowls with them. Yes, it's a fall/winter semester!

After a female majority last semester, the girl/boy-ratio is even this time (the children choose their extracurricular activities for themselves and there also was football/soccer).

From the first day the class split in two tables.

Can you guess where the boys and where the girls sit and knit?

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