Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink Moments of the Week

... still with the groupies. Supergroupie Pamela Des Barres this week. I am especially interested in her chapters on motherhood, where I also found the occasional "weensy booties knitted like a pair of cowboy boots" at the baby shower and her "embroidering Tinker Bell on a tooth-fairy pillowcase" when she was pregnant. Motherhood changes everything, a lot at least. Like buying home magazines.

Speaking of baby booties:

A good friend from school has just had her third baby, a girl, and a pair of baby booties went via mail to them. Those purple-pink ones in the middle, they were actually the last survivors of the baby bootie party.

Current knitting involved picking up the pink 2-at-once-socks again, just to realize that I had to rip back a couple of holiday-made rounds. Never mind. And quite a challenge when you work with two long circular needles at 11pm. Frog 'n' Roll.

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