Monday, April 29, 2013

Crochet & Rock 'n' Roll

After the rock star wife, the supergroupie, it was now time for Miss O'Dell, assistant and friend to the rock 'n' roll stars. Between jobs as an assistant working for the Beatles' Apple Corps in London and touring with the Rolling Stones across the US, while house sitting Eric Clapton's place Chris O'Dell "took up crocheting to pass the time".

A couple of months later in LA, with her new friend cocaine she would do this: "I spent hours sitting in the living room, listening to music, snorting a line, and crocheting. Crocheting! Is was an obsession - I snorted coke, crocheted, snorted more coke, crocheted a little faster. What started off as a scarf that I was making for my father for Christmas became a twin bedspead, and then a double bedspread, and finally a king-size bedspread. I just couldn't stop." That was back in 1971. But if you ask me, I know this "I just can't stop"-obsession very well, and it doesn't take any illegal substances to come this high/far.

2013 - I am not experiencing this obsession lately while (still) knitting those socks...

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