Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cat's Cradle

Last night in my Kundalini Yoga class I got a wonderful present - note the colours of the crochet strings (all intentional by the thoughtful giver, of course), which are part of the wrapping and the main part of the game.

Remember playing cat's cradle as a child? This is what this book from 33 years ago is about - and an immense number of other figures you can create with string - with poetic names like butterfly, lotus flower, starry sky, two islands connected with a bridge, birth of a child.

Did you know that this is an ancient international game with similar yarn
figures in Papua New Guinea, Siberia, Africa, Western Europe and among the Native Americans?

Carolina was fascinated with the book, as she is with most books.

And didn't want to give it back.

I hope, that the game will be something Clara likes - a game that practically takes up no space when going on vacation, with endless possibilities.

Thank you, steinreich. I love it.
(and your other well-chosen handmade gifts, too).


Faser said...

Oh, das habe/hatte ich auch! Hab alle in der Schule mit Fadenspielen infiziert.

SiriShakti said...

Wundervoll :) Siri Shakti