Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pink Inspiration

Thanks to the repair service, my little pink camera is back and fixed! While I thank Hubby for giving me his old chunky one for a while, I attribute my recent lack of blogging inspiration to it, to not having my usual eyes extension handy by my side.

So what happened over the last days?

I photographed a house that said: red.

On Saturday, Carolina and I went to see a handmade fair.

But it was too dark to photograph inside ("Magical Christmas Atmosphere").

And I didn't want to seem like a spy stealing ideas...

Carolina was a living knitted graffiti. That could have also been an appropriate outfit for the fair we went to on Sunday - St. Martin's Fair at the Oldenburg Waldorf school. I didn't take a single picture - but it was similar to last year (blogged here) and Clara did something with soap, again.

My last year's blog post about the St. Martin Festival at Clara's kindergarten was also better than my picture this year.

Clara in front of her school.

And finally, taken with my little pink camera back in my hands, last week's good progress on Carolina's birthday present.

Pink inspiration, you are back.

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