Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Wore to my Tuina Baby Massage Class

With my first baby girl I went to lot of classes - postnatal (yoga) classes, baby clubs, ayurvedic baby massage, baby music garden, you name it. My second comes with me to the Mama & Baby Yoga classes I teach and that is it. But with this new baby I also wanted to learn something new and just participate. I chose the Chinese form of massage, Tuina. Most of the time Carolina is too busy crawling during class to be massaged, but I enjoy the stimulating information about energy circles, acupressure points and inner organs - good extra knowledge for a Kundalini Yoga teacher. And the other day I even prescribed myself a professional 60-minute Tuina massage, I recommend it to every busy Mama out there.

Skirt: vintage
Ballerinas: Deichmann (grab what you can in size 42/UK 8/US 10,5)

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