Wednesday, April 25, 2012


While Carolina is quite happy playing with her hands, feet, mama's hair and whatever she finds around her, this week she was in for a little handmade treat from a friend - a Schmusels cuddly blanket.

Designed by Petra, who is an artist (Clara used to go to her children's art classes) and sewn lovingly by her mother - true German quality gifts. The story behind those little cuddly elephants is quite interesting: 1,5 years ago Petra felt rather uninspired with her painting and those little elephants started to crowd her creative mind. The first elephant-shaped rattles were designed and sewn. And now the Schmusels family also includes musical clocks, dummy chains and cuddly blankets. And Petra herself is expecting her first baby soon. Her Schmusels are a real bestseller in my prenatal yoga class.

The cuddly blanket has two different beautiful fabric sides and is filled with crinkle paper, a bell, and little rattle to stimulate your baby's senses. Not because of the blanket, but while being photographed Carolina's sense of sneezing was stimulated:

Bless you!

You can find out more about the Schmusels on their website and at Petra's dawanda shop.

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