Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mollie Makes Easter

My (eye) candy for the Easter Holidays - the new issue of British crafts magazine "Mollie Makes".

It focuses on "simple pleasures" like *making * thrifting * collecting * crafting. Like they say on the cover - Living & Loving Handmade - even though I am living more on the loving side of it right now. Launched last year in Great Britain I have heard that the crafty crowd raves about it.

I got my British issue from Ramona, who distributes Mollie Makes via her blog. I have found her blog incidentally and surprisingly enough she is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, vegan, pregnant with her third child right now, photographing her organic box of fruit & veggies every week, living an intentional life and living & loving the handmade - quite a resemblance to my blog... and life!

The Molly Makes pleasures also arrived in Germany in March - a German edition which sums up a couple of original issues.


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Я в гостях у Яны. Смотрим твою страницу. Как у вас дела? Мама