Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plastic Fantastic

Recently Clara has developed a growing interest in Playmobil toys. As I have learned, you can buy different theme-based rooms with dolls and all their tiny equipment. Very gender-biased Clara leaned toward a kitchen and a baby room. But what can I say, where does Clara see her own mother most of the time, doing what?

The baby does have her own room, her own bed and her own changing unit - stuff we don't have in real life. But amazingly, the baby doesn't come in a stroller, but in a sling. A happy Queen Mummy carries a smiling baby in it. (Did you know that another real queen, Queen Victoria made strollers/prams popular in the 19th century in England by using them?).

That is something we are familiar with.
And I have a friend, Monika, who can give you a lot of personal and professional advice on slings and baby carriers. If she isn't busy with her new passion for knitting.

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