Friday, March 9, 2012

Women's Network

Remember my secret project?
Yesterday it was unveiled. As a small part of a larger project for International Women's Day 2012.

My friend Doris who is an artist (her blog here) initiated this project by asking women to create books wrapped in knitting, crochet or sewed in, by this giving the "old-fashioned" trades of handicraft, needlework and book printing a new meaning.

All women were asked to use the colour white. Different ideas spring to mind - like networking between women, the passing down of knowledge from generation to generation and how up-to-date these crafts are becoming again, with Ravelry just welcoming its 2nd million member. And many more (you can find out more about the project in German on the University website here).

About 100 of these books came together during the last months.

Now displayed in glass cabinets in the library foyer.

I was very honoured to find my little book next to the poems of Tagore.

With so much collective female creativity I offer you my daily 5 minutes of knitting.

Day 5: After sorting the laundry with who-you-know-by-now-sleeping-and-where.


Anonymous said...

post test - die letzen wurden nicht ...

doris Reske said...

Liebe Cathrin,
vielen dank für deine schönen impressionen vom 8.märz und den "weissen buchobjekten". ich hab dich leider nicht gesehen, schade!!!
bis nächste woche dienstag!!!
lg doris