Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Days and 5 minutes

When my mama came to visit last week she told me of the Japanese custom of celebrating a baby's 100st day of life, not that she is Japanese... A neighbour's son got married to a Japanese woman and lives in Japan now and they have a little baby girl, too. So my mama knows.

Hyakunichimairi - that is how this special day is called. Traditions include the baby, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother dressing in their finest clothes and visiting the family temple, followed by a feast at home with family and friends.

The celebration also includes dressing the baby girl in her very first kimono and having pictures taken at a professional photographer's. That reminded me of the little baby kimono I sewed last year in May. And what can I say after I tried to put in on Carolina? It is newborn size... and this baby, well, is a 100 days old.

Day 2: No shrine, no family feast, no photo studio to celebrate with.
Just five minutes of humble knitting.

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