Sunday, October 23, 2011


Having a cold really slowed me down, I guess my body needed some more couching right now. Just in time a surprise arrived in the mail: the new book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the yarn harlot. I had totally forgotten that I had pre-ordered the book, even though I followed her US book tour on her great blog. Fantastic reading, that could just go on and on. Especially when you are a knitter and/or a mother.

My maternal knitting instincts made me try a pattern for a baby soaker.

The pattern is Vanilla (Ravelry link here). I knitted the newborn size first and I will see whether it will be useful for the baby and whether she will like it. A while ago I joined the Ravelry group Nappy Free Babes, because that is something I want to give a try and I have heard from other mothers that it really works. Just to be on the safe side, I ordered a cloth diaper starter kit, that got a good prewash now. Like the slings - I had already bought them when I was a couple of weeks pregnant - a sneaky glance of it you could catch in this April post, where I said I have winter plans for it...

Clara also got her own doll sling, which she tried on this weekend.

Maternal instinct.

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