Monday, October 31, 2011

A Tree, Yoga and the Babette Blanket, revisited

It is only during the last days of October that the leaves of the tree in the backyard of our house change into their autumnally dress and turn red. It just happened last week and now that the moment is here I realized that I had waited for it. Because it marks a special time for me. Two years ago, on this exact day today, I went to India for a month, for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (I wrote about my time in India here). We had just moved to Oldenburg that summer after half a year of traveling the world. I was overwhelmed by those beautiful red leaves and the fact of going away for that one month.

Last year I saw that the red leaves only last for a couple of days into November before they all fall on the ground. I didn't go to India.

This year I won't go to India either, even though I would love to welcome the beginning of the Aquarian Age on 11.11.11 in Rishikesh. My yoga teacher Gurmukh from L.A. will be there as well as Snatam Kaur, to whose concert we went two weeks ago (blogged here). But I am totally happy staying here with my own little Aquarian project on the way.

Talking of projects: my longest sitting UFO, the chakra-coloured Babette Blanket, it's been two years now since I crocheted all those squares in India. Later I sewed them meticulously together, half of the hundreds of endings are already woven in and only the border is still missing. It is also that blanket that put me on the track of Ravelry on the Internet.

So this November I would love to get it finished, it is also one of my three 2011 resolutions ...

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