Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Blanket

The baby blanket that supposed to keep my hands, heart and mind busy until the end of November left my needles on October 1.
It virtually knitted itself.

After a good soak:

and a nice dry in the October sun:

It is the Pinwheel Baby Blanket (pattern here), knitted up to 710 stitches in the round. With three skeins of 6-ply sock yarn (incredible how every of the three sections is one skein). Ravelry notes here.

And it is huge!

To see the size see this:

or this:

It warmed the baby already while I knitted it, when the blanket grew bigger and bigger and softly landed on my belly.

And what landed in my lap today? According to the universal knitting law, that emptied knitting needles need to be occupied with new stitches immediately to avoid the void - something for myself, for spring (???), even though the trees still look quite green outside.

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