Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After Espanola and Santa Fe, Taos was the third stop on our route through New Mexico.

The Native American Taos Pueblo is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA and a fine example of traditional adobe architecture.

Beautifully surrounded by mountains.

The tiny town of Taos has a lot to offer for the art lover as we found out in one of the galleries: "Gary Fey's Good Thunder Batik Gallery".

Specializing in the 2000-year-old fabric dyeing process Batik.

We were shown the step-by-step process of layering wax and colours.

The magic ribbon box

awaited Clara in this store:

She could pick one ribbon.

In that street we also found a yarn shop,

appropriately called "The yarn shop" (link here).

And even if it was a very hot day in June and I wondered who would knit in this weather, I was assured by these knitting ladies that it really gets cold in winter, it's a ski resort.

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