Friday, September 2, 2011

Lower Saxony Vegan

After being to L.A. and being back in not-so-vegan Oldenburg, I used to daydream about all the vegan places you could go like "California Vegan" on Sunset Boulevard , "Truly Vegan" on Hollywood Boulevard or "Real Food Daily" on La Cienega Boulevard... or shopping at Whole Foods...

at California Vegan (actually enjoying the food a lot, despite the face)

My husband and me used to joke about a non-existing restaurant here called "Lower Saxony Vegan" (Lower Saxony - or Niedersachsen in German is the federal state we live in) where we could go for lunch.

Last week "City Veg House" opened on Nadorst Boulevard (ok, it is a street), international vegetarian and vegan cuisine, run by couple of brothers from Amritsar/India. We have been there a couple of times already, having delicious Indian, Thai, Greek and Italian food.

... one less reason to move to L.A.

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