Sunday, August 14, 2011

Santa Fe

Let's go back again to the holidays (rain again around here...), where it was hot & dry and actually not the perfect knitting weather but great for traveling and discovering.

Santa Fe in New Mexico was the first city we went to after the Summer Solstice Kundalini yoga festival.

It is known for its adobe architecture and a bustling art scene. They also have a great Georgia O'Keefe Museum who used to live and work in New Mexico later in her life.

(that's not the museum though...)

Of course it is easy to rely on, but I preferred using my inner knitting radar. And was successful. This was the first knitting shop I found on our trip.

TUTTO (website here)

I was pleasantly surprised to find two men working there, eagerly discussing a mistake in a knitting pattern. But they only work there on Saturdays, they said. Interestingly they have been to Germany two years ago for the knitting fair in Cologne. They loved it, they said.

The shop had also some German wool on offer, Opal sock yarn and Schoppel Zauberball. A lot of Danish yarn like Isager, too.
Good choice overall.

My little choice - some pink needle protectors.

Still hungry and not fed up with yoga food we went to a great vegetarian restaurant - Annapurna's.

Authentic ayurvedic Indian cuisine - delicious and healthy.

Hippie-style interior design.

Annapurna is the visible deity in the form of food. She rules the five elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air and sky.

I just love this kind of worshiping and praying!

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