Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sew Knit

During my fabric filled weekend I started thinking about sewing and knitting, and knitting and sewing, the differences and the similarities between those two crafts and what they might mean to me and other craftistas. I found out:

There are knitters.
There are seamstresses.

There are knitters, who also sew.
There are seamstresses, who also knit.

There are knitters, who never sew.
There are seamstresses, who never knit.

One element seems to be predominant.

I am a knitter, who sometimes sews. Knitting seems to come more naturally to me. I learned to knit and crochet as a child and started sewing last year. It is as if knitting and sewing take up different areas of my brain.

Knitting relaxes me through continuous automatic movements and my wandering thoughts, for sewing I need to be absolutely focused but I can also get into a flow. For sewing you have to work quite correctly, where as some knitting allows some sloppiness (not talking about lace). Also: knitting can be more social (talking while knitting), easier to fix mistakes, portable and couch comfort adaptable.

What are your experiences?

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Johanna said...

true there. Ich habe noch nie im Zug genäht, glaube ich.

Anita said...

I learned to sew, knit and crochet at a young age, but sewing has always been my main passion - so much so that I do it for a living.
I crocheted off and on throughout my life, but picked up knitting again about 20 yrs. ago when the yarn I was given as a gift didn't look good in crochet. Since then, knitting has been a growing mania. I sew all day, then come home and knit, relax and create in a different way. I can knit while I sit with others and visit - I need the social time after a long day sewing mostly alone. Each craft fills a need in my life.