Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Bloomers

Oldenburg is a considerably small (160.000 people live here) and placid city in Northern Germany. There seems to be one rule: when I go some place, I either meet somebody from Oldenburg Knit Night or from my yoga classes. Or better - both intertwined.

A family walk in the Oldenburg Castle Gardens in the afternoon.

(early spring bloomers!)

We crossed paths with Britta, her hubby and their newborn baby boy - quite an early bloomer himself. His due date was tomorrow, but he decided to arrive three weeks earlier right on his daddy's birthday.

This is how I met Britta: I went to Oldenburg Knit Night at Café Florian some months ago. I was the first one to arrive when I saw a pregnant women who looked like my exquisite and very nice target group. As I had freshly printed yoga flyers in my bag, I approached her and she really came to my prenatal yoga class, I mentioned knitting casually (or rather passionately, I suppose), she wanted to learn it, she came to Knit Night, we showed her and she knitted this beautiful and classy baby blanket -
it is her first knitting project! Congratulations!!! (on both FOs)

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