Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Fruit & Veg Knitting Book

According to the fruit & vegetable box, here are the contents:
fruit: kiwi, apple, pineapple, grapes, cherry, gooseberry, raspberry, plum, tangerine
vegetables: carrots, red bell pepper, pea, salad, asparagus, tomato, sprouts
You might wonder, what am I talking about...

During my stay in Kiel I discovered this book at the WollWerkstatt.
It is by Danish knitting designer Annette Danielsen. The Danish original is called Honsefodder & Gulerodder which means chicken feet & carrots -
it is the name of a children's song as I found out with the help of traveling knitter Rikke (how and where I met her is another interesting story...). Thank you!
The owner of the WollWerkstatt Kiel Dörte Dietrich translated the German version Freche Masche ("Sassy Stitch"). As far as I know there is no English translation yet. The book features 16 fruit & vegetable inspired pattern for children in 4 sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 years). Throughout the book Isager yarns are used that come in very fresh colours. Do you know what Rikke said? Danish knitting books are so cute she actually thinks they inspire people to have children ... (with that result?)

Although in real life I prefer my veggies, I liked the knitted fruit here better. My favourites are: apple cardigan, pineapple cardigan, gooseberry hoodie, raspberry skirt, cherry hat.

That all reminds me of a cheeky little strawberry that comes back home tonight...

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