Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Final Cut

 ... is the name of the new exhibition at the Oldenburg Horst Janssen Museum (they have just had a Chagall exhibition which was the most successful since the museum opened in 2000). "Final Cut" shows contemporary paper cutting art.

Last Friday night the doors were open for an "Art Lounge".

Everybody could come and start cutting paper to hang in the staircase, hang around with a drink and pretzel, have a look at the exhibition, they even hired a DJ. As this was just on my way back home from my prenatal yoga class, I happily joined the crowd. One of my lovely friends/artist/yoga students also came (hello, Doris!).

A quick glance at the exhibition:

For warming-up you (I) can never go wrong with pink and flowers.

Then I felt more like origami.

The whole wall:

Teenagers did great stuff:

I also played some more:

So did Doris:

What a great night!

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Anonymous said...

hallo cathrin, danke für die fotos-es waren kreative abendstunden mit dir und all den anderen!!! liebe grüße, doris