Thursday, February 27, 2014

Knitting ...

... still happens here. For those of you who might have wondered whether this crafty blog is turning into a painting & vegan cooking thing. Not much knitting actually, with only so little me-time when Carolina sleeps, amidst my re-discovered passion for painting and my yoga teaching most mornings and evenings during the week.

BUT, there are those knitting moments:

... while playing with Carolina or reading a book to her.

And my favourite once-a-week-45-minutes-straight-knitting-time:

... when Clara is at music school.

I want to stick to one of my New Year Knitting Resolutions (here) and finish this green garment for spring. Spring officially starts March 20. Green is the colour of balance, growth and hope. I am very hopeful to balance my life in a way to have this dress fully grown by then.

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