Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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This was a book given to me to read from a yoga student of mine. I had heard about the book (I have seen the German edition  lying around in the birthing home - of all places!-where I teach prenatal yoga classes) and had come across the regrets online. Australian songwriter and now-new mother Bronnie Ware interweaves the "regret chapters" with her personal story of breaking free. Reading the book I found it very positive and life-affirming and I think that the author's personal meditation and yoga background shines through in a lot of passages. And did I say that I love books written by vegans?

She doesn't knit or crochet in the book, but is already in the second sentence of the book "having a yarn" with a friend. And this is not the last aussie slang time in the book where she talks to a friend in this fiber-related way.

But I found one knitting grannie in the book, also right in the beginning. The first client in the book, an elderly English lady, would love her weekly routine where one appointment per day (doctor's, bingo, grocery shopping) would be enough "or it would ruin afternoon routine of rest and knitting".

I would love that afternoon routine... and sometimes manage a couple of minutes of it. So hopefully, those pink socks will come to their natural knitting end soon. No regrets. Just toes left.

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