Tuesday, March 5, 2013

At the Museum

Haven't been to a museum for a while ... so two days before the closing of the exhibition about the Swinging Sixties in Western Germany, we (Carolina and me) finally made it to the Oldenburg Castle.

After having lived in big cities like London, Berlin and Cologne and being used to museums there, all I can say is that the Sixties exhibition was very mama-and-child-friendly. When I asked at the entrance how long it would take us to see the exhibition, they told me 1,5 hours. 15 minutes later we were through. Carolina was tired and I had seen briefly most of the 300 exhibits (including John Lennon's guitar and a furnished sitting room).

I didn't take many photographs, though.

Lego is a sixties child.

Some sixties children must have played with these dolls.

With crocheted clothes.

Speaking of clothes...

And a quiz:

Which famous couple of the sixties is this?


Anja said...

Ich habe noch schwer überlegt, da kam mein Mann von hinten und sagte spontan: "Ahh, John Lennon und Yoko Ono."

catcouch said...

Dein Mann hat recht!