Wednesday, March 13, 2013


When it comes to knitting and crochet, my currently trained craft teaching skills do not only benefit the little ones in my needlecraft class, but as of last weekend also the more mature students.

Getting hooked on my Mojo socks, my own mama decided to get her knitting gear and skills out, after what must have been 25 years of abandonment. One of my aunt had given her her sock knitting kit about three years ago (including sock yarn, DPNs and a little book about sock knitting), so that came in handy. Show it some light of day! My mama started her mojo knotting adventure last time she visited us a month ago.

The same day I taught Clara how to knit (blogged here), I showed my mother how to knit a short row heel later in the evening. Yes, it was the end of a long and lively day with the girlies, eyes don't get better over the years, I had to be strict and there was some ripping involved.

But before we went to bed there was a finished heel.