Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Stories

For my Mama's 60th birthday the towel tote was filled with stories. Stories to be told. And stories to keep you warm. A little book to write down those special moments of life, add photos or recipes for happiness. There are already quotations and pictures in it. OK. Not really imaginative and narrative. The book is more of a filler for the main gift.

A scarf. Inspired by the Story Scarf from Reinvention, sewn from vintage fabrics my Mama gave me.

You see, I like giving back ;-)

And to practice some decorative stitches on my new sewing machine.

For the dog lover my Mama is.

Label from Mollie Makes Nr. 15.

A doily for some grannie style and a button Clara found on her kindergarten playground.

And as my Mama likes collecting stones and also seems to like to put them in bags I give her for her birthday (like last year),

Clara twisted the tradition a bit by painting some stones this year.

Painted together with my Russian uncle whom I hadn't seen for 10 years. What will he take back to Russia (stones?)... tomorrow more about that.

(By the way, I got a new stash of vintage fabrics from the attic)

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